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The Rabbit Hole
03.12.05 12:43 am

Love, man. It'll kick your fucking ass.

You grow up hearing this word incessantly.

"I love you."
"Love makes the world go round."
"I love french fries."
"Don't you just love that new Billy Joel song?"
"I love how you never listen when I talk, asshole!"
"Love ain't cheap!"
"puppy love"
"Let's make love."

Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

You start to develop this impression of love. You start using the word. You even start to feel it. You have your first love and everyone tells you that you don't really know what love is, which pisses you off because you are so. in. love. And it's fun. And Exciting.

But what the fuck IS love?

Red hearts and red roses and chocolate covered romance cliches drizzled with some crap-ass poetry? Is love that sexy, Ferrari-driving rich dude who comes to rescue you when you're sick of taking it in the ass for cash? Or is it something you're pretty sure frequently prevents you from punching your boyfriend in the face?

It's a hard concept to explain really, much less to understand.

Kind of like orgasms. People tell you what they're like. You think you have an idea. You even think you have them. Until you have one. Then you're like....OH! Okay.

Love's kind of like that. People tell you what's it's like. People tell you how you'll know.

"You'll just know."

You'll think you are in love many times. But one day, it will just hit you right in the face. When you've given in. When you've let go of the misconceptions. When you've seen a person for who they truly are, good and bad. When you've screamed and yelled and laughed and cried and said nothing and everything. When you've finally let yourself fall down the rabbit hole.

One day it will hit you when you least expect it. The gravity of love. The vulnerability. The tremendous responsibility. The security.

The intesity.

It will take your breath away.