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Who the hell are you?
02.10.05 2:49 pm

75 tasty tidbits about cmyk:

  1. I am a woman.
  2. I'm was born in 1979, year of the Goat.
  3. My boyfriend was born in the year of the snake, which makes us incompatible if you believe all that hooey, which I don't unless it's in my favor.
  4. I have a baby named Cleopatra. She's an 7 year-old pitbull/bull mastiff mix.
  5. She has issues.
  6. I enjoy sex.
  7. I'm fascinated by thin women.
  8. "I'm just tryin' to find a decent melody, a song that I can sing, in my own company."
  9. My vices are as follows:
    a) Vodka, chilled
    b) Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
    c) The Reefer
    d) Inspiration movies involving singing and/or dancing (i.e. Save The Last Dance, Sister Act II)
    e) Love
    f) Cleopatra (See item 4, above.)
    g) Diva-esque female singers
  10. I'm not good at hating.
  11. I DETEST having my picture taken.
  12. Actually, I DETEST seeing pictures of myself.
  13. I am a voyeur.
  14. I never make my bed.
  15. My favorite kind of therapy is retail.
  16. My credit card companies are very happy about that.
  17. I am cold A LOT.
  18. I enjoy a little pain with my pleasure, if you know what I mean.
  19. Despite frequent suggestions to do so, I will not be auditioning for American Idol.
  20. I love to watch it though.
  21. I am very feminine and I love being a woman.
  22. I hate my job.
  23. I need a new job.
  24. I don't eat meat.
  25. In college my friend and I took pictures of each other naked. Very artisitic and tasteful, of course.
  26. I've transfered colleges three times and dropped out three times.
  27. I get good grades, though.
  28. I am a graphic designer.
  29. But I work (temporarily) for an energy company doing customer service and if I don't find a new job asap I will slit my wrists.
  30. I've been to more funerals in my life than weddings.
  31. I used to be a Christian.
  32. Currently I classify myself as agnostic.
  33. I believe in sex before marriage.
  34. I believe in cohabitation.
  35. I believe in same-sex marriage.
  36. I would prefer our president to be Howard Dean.
  37. I used to vote Republican.
  38. I've never had sex with a woman.
  39. I'm not opposed to the idea.
  40. My favorite white wine is Pinot Grigio and my favorite red is Cabernet Sauvignon.
  41. I don't drink beer.
  42. I really like wine.
  43. I watch Newlyweds.
  44. I watch The Daily Show.
  45. I'm too concerned with what my family thinks.
  46. I have good intentions.
  47. I get lost in the details.
  48. I try hard to be a good listener.
  49. I try hard to not give unsolicited advice.
  50. My family gives me WAY too much unsolicited advice.
  51. People accuse me of having a bedroom voice on the phone.
  52. The only kids I like are the ones I'm related to.
  53. I may never have kids.
  54. I'm on the fence about marriage.
  55. I believe that the most beautiful people in the world are biracial.
  56. I'm way stronger and more stable than I or other people give me credit for.
  57. I need to learn to get out of my own damn way.
  58. It's all in my head.
  59. I'm not a doer.
  60. I'm a talker and a thinker, and a buyer of the equipment necessary-er.
  61. I'm not good at dieting.
  62. I'm not good at sports.
  63. I'm quite good at tetris.
  64. I've never met a dog I didn't like.
  65. I'm bored with this.
  66. Close enough.